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Periodic maintenance of a house or home

All houses require frequent maintenance to ensure their best condition. Newly built homes can spend more time without undergoing a review of the elements that compose it. It is not necessary to invest too much time and money to properly maintain a home, so read on to discover what is done in home maintenance.

In general, houses require little maintenance if logical rules of use are followed.

Order and cleanliness

Proper maintenance of the home implies maintaining good habits in terms of order and cleanliness of the spaces. It is the most basic to avoid the need for other types of more extensive and costly reforms.

Ceilings and Floors

On an annual basis, it is advisable to check the state of the ceilings and floors, looking for moisture problems that may have gone unnoticed, or cracks in the walls that may indicate some type of structural problem.

Windows and doors

Over time, the doors and windows of the house can suffer imbalances that prevent their correct closing and, therefore, good insulation against noise or temperature. It never hurts to check the doors and windows, to check that they fit perfectly in place and that all the elements are in good condition.

Remember that there are certain checks that you can carry out on your own, but it is always advisable to go to a professional who guarantees that any element or installation is in optimal condition. In the long run, good maintenance will mean significant financial savings.

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Few things can cause concern as quickly as an unexpected home repair. From the roof to the furnace and everything in between, the major components of a home can cost anywhere from several hundred to many thousands of euros to repair or replace.

While homeowners can’t escape home renovations or maintenance, they can prevent those financial surprises by preparing ahead of time for unavoidable repairs. Here are some important things you should consider when planning.

Maintenance and Reforms of Houses / Homes

The maintenance of the interior home includes the systems of the home, heating, gas, air conditioning, pipes and electrical system, as well as the finishing of walls and floors, furniture, accessories, etc. The maintenance of the exterior includes the foundations, the walls, the roof and the landscaping etc. Clean the roof and gutters clean or paint the exterior walls etc.

Clean the floors and walls, vacuum the carpets, keep the sink and shower drains in good condition, clean the symphony boats, etc. Replace broken glass on windows and doors Replace worn shingles Fix cracked or uneven sidewalk or driveway Replace old faucets Repair a broken stair railing etc.

Maintenance and Reforms of Terraces / Balconies

Throughout the year the terraces suffer all kinds of inclement weather and changes caused by cold and heat. Whether it is the terrace of your building, of your single-family home or if it is a balcony or attic, your terrace needs essential care

With the arrival of good weather, patios and terraces take on a special role as they become a useful and habitable space in the house. No need to invest large amounts of money. An economic reform can consist of a good coat of paint and a new flooring etc.

Maintenance and Reforms of Gardens / Swimming Pools

Garden maintenance includes tasks such as mowing lawns, trimming tree tops, trimming hedges and bushes, caring for ornamental gardens, removing weeds, watering the soil, fertilizing, controlling pests, cleaning leaves and trash. , prune trees at risk of falling, remove snow and hail.

If you are not happy with your garden or you want to make a garden in your new home, we offer you a free estimate.
Also any reform in your garden or swimming pool, extension of the same can be studied and offered through us with great experience in the maintenance, reform and construction of gardens and swimming pools.

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