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and reforms of houses, homes, gardens and swimming pools

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What are our services

Periodic maintenance of a home

In general, homes require little maintenance if logical rules of use are followed. Unforeseen events can always appear, but with the necessary care, they will be punctual and with few headaches for the owners.

Order and cleanliness

A correct maintenance of the house implies maintaining good customs in what refers to the order and cleanliness of the spaces. Keeping each element tidy and clean will make them last longer without presenting possible deterioration. It is the most basic thing to avoid the need for other types of more extensive and expensive reforms.


The parts that require the most maintenance in the house are the facilities. The electrical installation and the plumbing installation do not require revision, but it is advisable to have the services of a professional and authorized technician from time to time to guarantee that everything is in good condition, especially when it comes to old constructions. The gas installation does require an official review every five years, as maintenance that guarantees the safety of all the people who live in the house and in others nearby.

Ceilings and floors

On an annual basis, it is advisable to check the condition of the ceilings and floors, looking for moisture problems that may have gone unnoticed, or cracks in the walls that may indicate some type of structural problem.

Windows and doors

Over time, the doors and windows of the house can suffer misalignments that prevent their correct closing and, therefore, good insulation against noise or temperature. It never hurts to check the doors and windows, to check that they fit perfectly in place and that all the elements are in good condition.

As you can see, home maintenance is quite simple in general terms. Remember that there are certain revisions that you can carry out on your own, but it is always advisable to go to a professional who guarantees that any element or installation is in optimal condition. In the long run, good maintenance will mean significant financial savings. How do you maintain your home? Leave us your comments.

What are our services

  • Maintenance of Houses and Homes
  • Reforms of Houses and Homes
  • Maintenance of Terraces and Balconies
  • Reforms of Terraces and Balconies
  • Terrace Construction
  • Maintenance of gardens and pools
  • Reforms of Gardens and Pools
  • Construction of Gardens and Pools
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